About Us

Sant Chaturbhuj Shiksha Niketan (Gurukul) is established on 3rd July 2006 at rural area of Ghazipur, (U.P) in the name of Samarth Guru Late Param Sant Dr. Shri Chaturbhuj Sahayji with the vision to educated and empower rural youth.

Knowledge is Power. Education is an essential human virtue. The role of education as an instrument of social change and social development is vital. Our school is dedicated to a belief that all students can learn, achieve and succeed. We are committed to maintaining high expectations regarding student achievement and conduct, and to working in close co-operation with all parents and the community to ensure attainment of our expectations.

Partnership with parents is a key element in our vision of delivering the best and most innovative practices in education. Their feedback and participation adds more positive value to our existence as an institution.

All endeavors at Sant Chatubhuj Shiksha Niketan have the essence of ‘Quality Education for All’. Our motto serves as our voice of conscience, constantly motivating us to realize the unique interests, talents and potential of each child. We believe that an academic environment suited to discover a child’s natural proclivities, helps him or her evolve into an individual who is well-poised to deal with all challenges of life and become a contributing citizen.

The foundation to turn India into a strong nation has to be laid down at primary and rural levels and so the quality of education right from the beginning should be excellent.

We look forward to a future where our students are able to meet challenges that would never seem too big to achieve. ‘Creating better human beings’ is our main Goal.

We welcome you to Sant Chaturbhuj Shiksha Niketan. We look forward to sharing highly successful and enjoyable experiences with you throughout the academic year.